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Book Report Tips For Your Child

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Writing a book report is a common practice in early childhood education. Teachers use it to gauge how much of the book the child understood and whether or not they actually read the book at all. Knowing the proper formatting of a good book report can help you assist your child in creating an A+ book , that will surely impress their teacher.

The book should first be identified in the report by its basic facts, like title, author, publisher, copyright and number of pages. Next the child should provide a brief author description. They should list the type of book, fiction, non fiction etc.. Following that the child should identify the main characters and their purpose in the story. Children need to identify next the plot of the story, without divulging the outcome. If the book is non fiction they would identify the overall theme of the book or its purpose. Next they would identify themes within the story and what they believe the themes purpose was. The symbolism, irony, metaphors, and motives need to be identified next, if they exist in the story or book.

The final part of the book report is about putting in the readers take on the book. They should include their personal thoughts on the story, their favorite characters, favorite parts of the story and anything they did or did not like. After that, they write a brief synopsis on whether or not they would recommend the book to others and why they would or wouldn’t recommend the book.

If the report is for a younger child they should create a cover depicting a scene or character from the book. If they are older they should put the book report in plan report cover with their name and other pertinent information listed on it.

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