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Book Fairs Make For Great School Fundraisers

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When many people think of school fundraising, they immediately think of kids going door-to-door with pamphlets full of over-priced tins of chocolates or household knick-knacks. But, school fundraising doesn’t have to involve selling a bunch of items that people are really not interested in purchasing.
Instead, many schools choose to hold book fairs to raise money. Book fairs can be quite successful—and no one complains about kids buying and selling books!

Book fairs can work in a couple of different ways. For one, the school can host a book fair at the school for several days or up to a couple of weeks. The book fair can be set up in a central location or one that is easily accessible to all students. Teachers and staff can take turns running the book fair. Students can visit the book fair to purchase books before school or during lunch, perhaps. Or, maybe each classroom can have a scheduled day and time to visit the book fair. And, in case any parents would like to purchase books, the book fair can also be open for an evening parent meeting.

Another way a book fair can work is by having the school send home book sales flyers. These flyers could list all of the books that are available for sale, along with prices. Kids can choose the books they would like from the flyers. And, kids would also be encouraged to ask neighbors and friends if they would like to purchase any books. Parents could select books from the flyers as well.

Any unsold books left over from a book fair can be used for school giveaways, birthday prizes, or even additions to the school library.

Book fairs are wonderful ways for schools to make money—without trying to get anyone to purchase something that they wouldn’t want. If your school hasn’t tried one, maybe you should suggest it!

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