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All About School Open House

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Starting out a new school year can be an exciting time for kids and for teachers. Kids are eager to make new friends and to get to know their new teacher. Likewise, teachers are happy to meet their new students and to begin a new year of teaching.

Many schools hold an Open House near the beginning of the school year. And, many parents tend to misunderstand the purpose of the Open House.

Open House is not just like a large, group parent-teacher conference. Rather, it is a program designed to allow parents and teachers to meet. Yes, parents can ask teachers about the classroom. And, parents can ask about what the students will be learning throughout the year. Any other questions regarding the class as a whole or learning in general or the school are most welcome.

But, since Open House is held at the beginning of the school year, questions about how a specific child is doing in class are really not appropriate. Teachers cannot assess how students are doing in class after only a couple of weeks of school. It simply isn’t possible for them to know how each of their 25 to 30 students is doing in each subject after that short amount of time.

Now, behavior problems may be addressed. If a particular child has been exhibiting a problematic behavior in class, the teacher may address that with the parents. Otherwise, Open House is usually kept fairly broad, with the teacher speaking about the classroom in general.

There is, though, one other topic parents are more than welcome to address at Open House. Teachers are happy when parents offer to volunteer to help out with the classroom or anything else relating to the school. So, Open House is a good time to ask about volunteer opportunities.

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