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Adult Education in New York

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For those adults who never finished high school, they may feel as though they are lost; at this point, they have realized that they need their high school diploma, or GED, to move farther on into their life. If someone wants to get into college, they must have one of those two things. For someone to get even some of the most basic jobs, they need something like a high school diploma. Adults may feel that they’ve missed their chance at this opportunity. This is untrue, and is an unfortunate myth that keeps many adults from reaching their potential.

Adult education exists for this sole purpose. Adult education is in existence to help adults who did not finish high school to get their GED and to move farther in their life. In New York, adult education exists to help those adults, and to help them further their lives and possible careers. Adult education classes happen on weekends and during the night on weekdays in order to allow the adults to continue working while continuing their education. It is important to realize that the adults who are looking for education need to add education to their lives. They shouldn’t be afraid, thinking that they are looking at a full day in school again; adult education is adapted to their lives to better suit their needs.

The purpose of adult education is to erase the myth that adults who have not finished high school have missed the opportunity to better their life; by finishing their high school diploma, they can get better jobs, and possibly find colleges or community colleges that are willing to accept them as students. By getting a college degree, they will be able to start their careers and further their lives.

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