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A Look At After-School Activities

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Having your child participate in extracurricular activities is an important part of their educational experience. Not only does it help to keep them busy and out of trouble, but it can also help them get into a college someday. There are many activities to choose from and it can be hard to determine what your child should participate in, but choosing the wrong activities is not really possible.

When your children get to middle school they begin to have the option of joining after school sports, clubs and activities. This is really a great time for your child to try out some activities of interest, before they enter high school. Often the clubs at this age mimic the offerings in high school so they can continue with the same activity or try other activities to find their niche. They can try more than one activity at a time and really begin to develop a feel for where they feel like they fit in. It is a great time for kids to experiment with all of their interest.

When children reach high school, it is more important for them to develop some focus with their extracurricular activities. The things they do with their time at this point can be used to enhance their viability as a college candidate. Whether it is a sport that they are excelling in or a club like yearbook, student government or school newspaper they can all be beneficial to your child’s college application process and in some cases their future career. It is important to encourage your child to participate in activities, but to still allow them to go their own way and decide what they like and enjoy. The more they enjoy a club, sport or activity the more likely they are to continue with it long term.

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