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100 Day Celebration - A Fun School Event

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Many elementary schools across the country have one event in common. This event is called the “100 Day Celebration.” This event is exactly what it sounds like—commemorating the 100th day of school.
While older children, such as teenagers, may not find this event particularly exciting, younger kids really enjoy celebrating this day. For them, “100 Day” marks an important milestone of the year, one which showcases how far they have come in their grade.

Most schools plan a lot of activities for their “100 Day Celebration.” Some teachers tell students to try to bring in 100 of something to show the class or share with the class, and many kids really try to have fun with this and outdo each other. Since teachers usually have a rule about how big the items can be (perhaps the items need to fit in the student’s backpack), children try to get creative and come up with unique ideas. It becomes somewhat of a contest.

Schools may also plan exercise or outdoor games based upon the number ‘100.’ For example, they may design an obstacle/relay course in which students perform a variety of activities that add up to the number ‘100.’ Or, art projects may involve the number ‘100’—perhaps students can use 100 pieces of tissue paper or 100 stickers to design a project.

For many kids, celebrating “100 Day” is a way to look back and remember how far they have come in school—especially for the younger grades. The elementary grades, particularly the early ones, can be intimidating for some children, so having a celebration like “100 Day” can help their self esteem by showing them that they have made it. It commemorates the fact that these kids have done so much hard work and that they have learned so much throughout the year.

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