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Florence S. Brown Pre-Kindergarten Center


Florence S. Brown Pre-Kindergarten Center is located at 500 Webster Avenue Rochester, NY. This Public school is governed by the Rochester City School District Board of Education and it serves the community of Rochester, New York, in Monroe County. The School Board is comprised of unpaid officials elected by the voters to take the formal legal actions and establish the basic policies for the conduct of the schools. The chief executive officer of the District (Superintendent) and is trusted with the duty of seeing that the Board policies and education laws are adhered to by the staff. Through the physical education programs, all students have a great opportunity to grow, develop, and achieve to their potentials.

Through community effort, staff, teachers, and Florence S. Brown strives to provide a safe and caring learning environment for each and every student, so they can achieve the best education possible.

Florence S. Brown Pre-Kindergarten Center School education programs provide a broad spectrum to meet the needs and talents of the diverse population. The staff and teachers strive to instill self-esteem, respect for others, and the appreciation of learning. Along with this the teachers are committed to a high standard of professionalism while creating an educational atmosphere that is open minded, with values of communication and support.


Florence S. Brown Pre-Kindergarten Center

Rochester City School District

500 Webster Avenue
Rochester, NY 14609

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Mid-Size City (City: Midsize)

585-288-2410 (Phone)

Serving Grades: PK

Principal: Admnstrtr-Robin Hooper

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Florence S. Brown Pre-Kindergarten Center - Rochester, NY