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Haldane Schools

Haldane Central School District is located at 15 Craigside Drive Cold Spring, NY. Putnam County is situated in the southeastern part of New York State, between the Hudson River on its west and the New York-Connecticut border on its east. Putnam is southeast of Newburgh, and it is north of White Plains. The county has six public school districts: Brewster, Carmel, Garrison, Haldane, Mahopac, and Putnam Valley. Mahopac is the largest school district in Putnam County, educating more than 5,000 students in four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. This New York Public School District serves grades K-12 in Putnam County of New York State.

Technology is transforming the educational process. As a tool for instructional enhancement, it can facilitate the learning process and create new opportunities for investigation, collaborative learning, and skill building. In administration, technology is used extensively for data gathering and analysis, budgeting, student information, and scheduling. The Haldane Central School District presents this plan as a talking point from which the rationale for investing in technology can emerge. It is easy to get caught up in the gimmickry of computers and peripherals. It is more important to lay out a plan and vision for how technology can transform the classroom into a modern environment for learning.

The 21st-century school must be technology-ready. It must incorporate technology as a learning tool into the instructional program. It must use technology to enhance planning, keep records, ensure accountability, and analyze data for continuous improvement efforts. School goals are to provide an outstanding instructional program that reflects the needs and talents of our students. The highly qualified and caring instructional staff is committed to ensuring that children succeed in meeting the New York State Curriculum Standards.

Haldane Central School District Information  
Haldane Central School District
15 Craigside Drive
Cold Spring, NY 10516
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Putnam County, New York
Serving grades K-12
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Students: 861
Student / Teacher Ratio: 12.1
Schools in this District: 2

Schools   Students   Staff   Academics   Regents   Graduates   Expenditure Data  
Haldane Central School District Schools
School NameCityGrade LevelCounty
Haldane Elementary SchoolCold SpringK-6Putnam County
Haldane Middle/High SchoolCold Spring7-12Putnam County
Student Enrollment Information
(Full Day)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
63 61 59 63 65 56 62 68 66 68 92 73 65

Total Students:861
Attendance Rate:96%
Year Statistics Compiled:2005
District teacher data and statistics
Superintendent:John Dinatale
 Full TimePart Time
Assistant Principals00
Other Professional Staff90
*Staff data was compiled in 2006

District Administrative Salaries
TitleSalaryBenefitsOtherTotal Compensation
Superintendent Of Schools $192,209$25,939$0$218,148
Hs/Ms Principal $109,987$0$0$109,987
Elementary Principal $110,511$0$0$110,511
Note: Data from the 2004-05 school year. It is a requirement that districts report the salaries of the superintendent; the deputy, assistant or associate superintendents; and other administrators or supervisors paid in excess of $113,000.

Adequate Yearly Progress Decisions
Sub-Group NameSatisfactorySchool Year
Subject: Elementary / Middle School English Language Arts
All StudentsYes2006
Students With DisabilitiesNo2006
Subject: Elementary / Middle School Math
All StudentsYes2006
Students With DisabilitiesNo2006
Subject: Elementary / Middle School Science
All StudentsYes2006
Subject: High School English Language Arts
All StudentsYes2006
Subject: High School Graduation Rate
All StudentsYes2006
Subject: High School Math
All StudentsYes2006
Regents Results
SubjectYear# TestedPercent Passing
Earth Science 200664
Global Hist & Geography 200682
Living Environment 200689
Math A 200684
Math B 200627
Chemistry 200659
Physics 200618
US History and Govt 200674
Graduation Info
GroupHigh School GraduatesRegents DiplomasAdvanced Regents DiplomasIEP / Local CertificatesYear
All Students6558 (89%)21 (32%)02006
All Students6149 (80%)19 (31%)02005
All Students5939 (66%)0 (0%)02004
General Education5956 (94%)21 (35%)02006
General Education4843 (89%)19 (39%)02005
General Education5339 (73%)0 (0%)02004
Students With Disabilities62 (33%)0 (0%)02006
Students With Disabilities136 (46%)0 (0%)02005
Students With Disabilities60 (0%)0 (0%)02004

Student Post-Graduation Plans
Number of high school students planning to attend 4 year colleges In New York State27 (41%)
Number of high school students planning to attend 4 year colleges Outside of New York State18 (27%)
Number of high school students planning to attend 2 year colleges In New York State15 (23%)
Number of high school students planning to attend 2 year colleges Outside of New York State2 (03%)
Number of high school students planning to attend Post Secondary institutions In New York State0 (0%)
Number of high school students planning to attend Post Secondary institutions Outside of New York State0 (0%)
Number of high school graduates who plan to enroll in the Military1 (01%)
Number of high school graduates who plan to pursue employment2 (01%)
Number of high school graduates with disabilities who plan to attend vocational rehabilitation programs.0 (0%)
Number of high school graduates with a known plan not specified above.0 (0%)
Number of high school graduates whose plans do not fit the above categories or are unknown.0 (0%)
2005/06 District Expenditure & Revenue Information
Unreserved Fund Balance:260,942
State AID Revenue:1,835,474
Star Revenue:1,322,425
Total State Revenue (State Aid + Star):3,157,899
Local Revenue:13,188,469
Federal Revenue:305,654
Total Revenue (state + local + federal revenues):16,652,022
Central Administration:574,439
Board of Education:126,752
Teacher Salaries:5,983,680
Pupil Personnel Services Instructional Salaries:271,196
Curriculum Development and Support Instructional Salaries:320,566
Boces Instructional Expenditures:951,764
Tuition Paid to other districts (excluding special act districts):0
Tuition Not Included in Tuition Above:388,842
Other Instructional Salaries:835,548
Other Instructional Expenses:465,058
Community Service:0
Operations and Maintenance:1,244,509
Teacher Retirement:584,872
Other Employee Benefits:1,177,374
Other Undistributed:223,401
SubTotal (total exp minus debt service expenditures (principal & interest) and transportation):14,646,366
Debt Service-Principle:492,583
Debt Service-Interest:638,323
Total Expenditure:16,510,497
Duplicated Combined Adjusted Average Daily Membership:875
Revenue Per Pupil:19,031
Expenditure Per Pupil:18,869
Actual Value Per Total Wealth Unit (Property Wealth Per Pupil):705,159
Income Per Total Wealth Pupil Unit:174,451
Combined Wealth Ratio:1.753
IE 1 (Instructional Expenditures Excluding Fringe Benefits) as Percent of Total Expenditures:55.82%
Percent that fringe (employee) benefits for the instructional program are of total expenditures:16.20%
Instructional Expenditures (Including Fringe Benefits) as a percent of total expenditures:72.02%
Instructional Expense as a percent of Adjusted Total Expense:81.19%
Local Revenue Effort Rate (Local Revenues Divided by Property Value):16.19

District Map  
All Schools in Haldane Central School District

Haldane Central School District, Putnam County, New York

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